History of Ca Xuacu

At the end of the XVIII century, a family of peasants of the zone settle in these lands. With the money coming from his work as emigrants in Cuba and Latin America, they build a large-sized farmhouse for the time, consisting of a block on the ground floor and living area on the upper floor, which corresponded to a structure that showed the Economic capacity of the farmers of more status.

In The year 1900 was built the West wing of the house, where it expanded The house with a new more modern kitchen on the lower floor and A dining room on the top floor, was also built in This date a bread maker (typical Asturian construction) attached to the House to which he heartburned from it by a step from the hall. Under this breadmaker was used as a forge at first and Then as a block to shelter the smaller animals.

In The year 2000 Jose Luis, aware of the value of construction, It begins its rehabilitation to make 4 rural apartments. All The process is done with a hard work and maintaining the style of Building of the area, using stone and wood fundamentally. After five long years of rehabilitation, the building opens to the Public in the year 2005. Since then a lot of people passed through Ca Xuacu and have shared experiences with us.

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