Cabo Busto

Immensity, peace and tranquility are the sensations that one has when it looks at any of the seven viewpoints on the sea that are on this route. Impossible cliffs that look to the Cantabrian, on rocky beaches, and horizon to the front, to the east and to the west.

Starting and ending in the village of Bustu/Busto, in the middle of the Cape, this circular route takes us through agricultural farms, pine groves, oak groves, Riverside forest, but, above all, by the edge of the cliff, enjoying the sea and the coast with fantastic views Both to the east, to the Cape of Vidío, and to the west, looking at L. Luarca/Luarca.

From the viewpoints there are crystal clear waters under the lighthouse and seabeds of singular beauty that call to take a swim snorkeling or snorkeling for them.

Sus bosques guardan arrendajos y gavilanes, que podemos escuchar y ver, con suerte, si encontramos alguna de sus plumas en el suelo. All this keeping a special care in the area of the cliffs especially if we go with children.

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